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The Franklin Estimator is tailored for the traditional full service printshop. It is virtually ready to use in minutes and has been the industry standard for decades. It is powerful, precise and easy to use.


  • Time Tested
  • Powerful and Extremely flexible
  • Multiple security levels
  • Complete training before purchase
  • Unlimited support and training
  • Full featured 2 week trial
  • Quick Books Compatible
  • Fully customizable
  • Email estimates
  • Easy to duplicate jobs
  • Invoicing
  • Delivery tickets
  • Packing label

Reports Available

  • Estimates by Customer Name
  • Estimates by Date
  • Estimates by Estimate Number
  • Estimates by Salesperson
  • Estimates Modified by User
  • Active Job Tickets
  • Job Tickets Modified by User
  • Job Tickets by Salesperson
  • Active Jobs by Sales Rep
  • Customer by Sales Rep
  • Stock Order Report
  • Stock Detail
  • Stock List by Description
  • Stock List by Vendor
  • Stock Summary

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